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  • Looking for gourmet muesli?
  • Or dried fruit to make your own?
  • How about apricot jams, marmalades & sauces

Well you have come to the right place. Church Road Industries Ltd was established in 2008 as a small business producing home made muesli and also took over the complementary Bridge Hill brand which produces a wide range of dried fruits and has been around for a number of years.

We have extended our product range for you to enjoy today and continue to do so looking for gaps in the ever changing market and gradually developing new dried fruit related products to add to our range.

Our  handmade oven-baked gourmet Church Road Muesli is rich in flavour which is derived from using specially selected fruits mixed lightly with toasted nuts and seeds. Because our muesli uses only high quality ingredients you are assured of a great tasting product. Learn more about our muesli

…and our other main product is dried fruit:

The Bridge Hill brand has been providing a premium range of dried fruit products for many years which are nationally recognised for their quality. The secret to our good dried fruit products is just like our muesli – we begin by using high quality fruit. We carry everyone’s favourite dried fruits including apricots, cherries, mixed fruits, fruit and nuts and more. Visit our dried fruit page to learn more…

…and now we have just added jams and sauces:

The Lilly’s range of apricot jams, marmalade and apricot sauce is the newest edition to our product range. Named after a relative from the Orkney Isles in Scotland, Lilly’s jams continue our philosophy of using local fresh fruit to enhance the taste of our jams. Visit our Lilly’s jams and sauces page to learn more…

We service speciality stores and various markets throughout New Zealand.